pinkie pie changeling adventures.

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she was born in the land ruled by Chrysalis. her parents were sent to attract new pony's into a trap but were discovered and were imprisoned by a neighboring country the changelings were at war with. of course changelings not being the most caring of the pony races she was neglected and wasn't fead enough. so she left to find more food elsewhere. however being a young-ling meant that she hadn't got full control over her changing ability and could only hold a form for so long before needing to rest. soon she found herself in Phillydelphia on the most outer edge of equestia, a country her kind had learned even from a young age not to tangle with. but she was hungry that she had to find something to eat. she soon smelt something she had never smelt before. what with changelings not cooking food and eating with their mouths. she follows the smell to find a camper cooking up some eggs over a fire and toasting some bread. she took the form of a filly and went over to see what he was doing. he sees her and says. howdy there little one. aren't you a little far from town. [ omg i'm starting to write it myself XD.]


she still hasn't gotten the pony voice just right at this point so she doesn't speak so to not get the wrong attention from him. she stares at what he is cooking over the fire. oh you hungry little one he says. she nods her head. here, he hands her a piece of toast. she stares at it for a while not knowing what to think about it. what you never seen toast before he says. she shacks her head. its fine look ill even take a bight, he takes a bight from the other piece he was toasting. she looks at him with confusion on her face. she had never seen anything other then a pony's soul form being eaten before. she sniffs the toast and takes a bight. she jumps, not knowing what it is in her mouth. its good she says, however her voice isn't quit right and she wheels and covers her mouth. the stall stares at her for a sec. you ok, he says being interrupted by her belly making growling sounds. oh, look like you're going to need a little more then a piece of toast. wheres you're parents. she looks at the ground, oh, so you're all alone. yeah i know the feeling my parents left me when i was just a youngin to. he looks at her. follow me i know some folk who you can stay with for a while. he puts out the fire finishes his launch and they go back to town. about the time they get to town she is already starting to have trouble holding her form. and starts having little hiccups changing color and sometimes gender. the stall doesn't notice, he is carrying to much and she is behind him so he cant see her. they get to a small house on the outskirts of town the stall knocks of the door. Mally, you home, iv brought some pony who needs a bed for a little while. hold on hold on she yells from inside. pinkie notices he cant see her so she changes back into her original form. at least she can rest for a minute while he waits for Mally to open the door and for them to talk. Mally opens the door. she is a unicorn with dark pink eyes and a very long main the color of fresh crushed blueberry's and even smells of them. yes another smell she has never smelt before. she is particularly fond of her eyes. she has never seen such a vibrant color before. what with her living in a dark rocky castle all her life. she makes sure she is the right form before she comes out from behind him to meet her. aw, hello there, my names Mally nice to meat you. she stares at her eyes for a phew seconds. err she doesn't speak yet stall explains. thank you for bringing her to me Albrine. to think some-pony would leave such a cute little filly out on the streets all alone. well come on in little one. she turns revealing that her cutey mark is a berry of some sort. pinkie follows her inside looking back at Albrine waving goodbye. the house is full of pots and pans scattered about. and a pale of some sort of blue mush inside it. she smells all the wondrous smells coming from the rooms. she follows her into a room near the back of the house. Mally points at a small bed next to the window. you can sleep in here and play i have a phew toys in the cupboard she points to the cupboard in the corner. we will be having launch soon. ill call you when its done um. what is you're name again. she stares at Mally. she still cant speak with the right. so she points at Mally more specifically at her eyes. so you're name is eye. she shacks her head. and points at her retina then back to Mally. oh pink. pinkie nods. oh so you're pink?. well that's an odd name. hmm well i know what to call you little miss pinkie she giggles a little. pinkie also smiles. alright miss pinkie ill call you when i'm done. she is left alone in the room. there is a mirror over in the comer. she hasn't gotten a good look at herself and wants to remember the form she is in so she wont mess up in the future. she stares at herself. looks at the door, no ones there, she looks back at the mirror and wonders, she changes her color to the same as miss Mallys eyes. she is really happy with it, but she knows she can't change it now. and goes back to her original color of dark orange. she also wants to see what it would look like with a cutey mark, but she hasn't ever really tryed to make a cutey mark before. she tries but it doesn't come out right. Mally calls from the other room. Launch time. she comes out of the room to find that there are other little fillys at the table already. she is a little shocked to see them there. and hids behind the counter. hello miss pinkie, this is my family. Estrich, Marline and Saris. hy, hay, hello, pinkie comes out from behind the counter and goes to sit on one of the chairs. ok here you go, she puts a freshly beaked and cooled blueberry pie on the table. she hands out a plate to each pony and puts a piece on their plates. pinkie is a little weirded out by it, she had never seen a pie before. but it smell is so attracting. she goes to take a bight. but is stopped by Mally and given a fork. she dose not know what the fork is and just puts it down and just takes a bight form the pie. she jumps into the air. she has never felt such pleasure before. her smile grows so wide its hard to keep the food in her mouth before she swallows it. she gobbles the hole piece up in one bight. and is just in giggles over how good it tastes. well looks like someone really likes my blueberry pie Mally seys. Oh yes yes yes i love it. she says in a really high piched voice. i have never had anything like this before. whats it called. Mally and her daughters stare at her for a sec. they start laughing and gigling you're voice Saris says while falling out of her chair. what oh she sqeeks and hides her mouth again. no pinkie. its a lovely voice Mally says. is that why you wouldn't speak before. you were afraid what i would think of you're voice. pinkie nods. oh pinkie i think you're voice is perfect just the way it is. really she says again with the slightly high-pitched voice. yeah its awesome Saris says as she gets up off the floor. pinkie smiles. she has never been complemented before or even been spoken to really by anypony other then her parents and mister Albrine. she looks at the pie. would you like another piece pinkie. oh yes yes yes i would love another piece. Mally gives her another slice. this time pinkie eats it more slowly enjoying every bight. she looks over at the others. they are a very loving family aren't they she thinks to herself. she wonders if it would be ok to feed off their love since they have been so nice to her. she stops eating the pie she had on her plate. and looks at Mally. m'miss Mally, can i ask you something, yes pinkie anything what is it. what would you say if i told you im not actually a pony. Mally and the others stop eating and look at pinkie. well thats an odd question? Estrich says. whats else could you be but a pony. pinkie looks at them. well what if i was something like a.. she pauses for a minute, what if i was a changeling. now she has everyponys full atention. Although equestia is safe from the changelings that dose not mean that they haven't had their incidences. w'whell that would be um, well um, Mally stutters over and over, well so long as you're not an evil whatever that is im ok with you being that, Marline says over her mothers stuttering. everypony is quit for the rest of their time spent at the table. after words Mally send her daughters out back to play. pinkie starts to follow but Mally tells her to stay. Pinkie would you site down for a sec. ok she she says. Mally sits in the chair across from her. are you a changeling Pinkie. she asks with a serious look on her face. well. i kinda maybe sorta. yes. i am a changeling. b'but im not evil. Mally stars at her for a long time. can, can i see she asks, Pinkie turns back into her original form. Mally is quit shocked to see her change. pinkie, is that you're real name. well no. i don't actually have a name. changelings don't normally tend to name their offspring. we normally just name ourselves, Mally gove guit again for a long time. she seems to be thinking deeply. well this is an interesting situation im in. if i left you stay how long could you go without feeding off of us. if i send you out. there's not way you could take care of you're self. well we changelings don't only need to feed off of the emotions of pony's. we can eat other things too. well at least i think we can. i eat the pie after all and i do feel a little less hungry. also im used to not getting much emotional energy. back home they barly let me eat when ever the gatherers brought back pony's to, well you know. i see Mally says with a slowly growing smile. well provided you do not feed off of me or my daughters or any pony in town i see no reason no to let you stay. Pinkie looks at her and smiles.


3 weeks go by and pinkie is outside playing with Saris. they have become very close friends since she had first arrived. while playing on the swing-set pinkie starts feeling a little ill. so they go inside. pinkie soon becomes weaker and can no longer hold her form and changes in front of the girls. up until now, only Mally knew that she was a changeling. the girls are a little shocked by her change but arent scared, they know pinkie and even as a black pug like changeling they still help her up and to her room. whats wrong, Mally asks pinkie. hungry. soo hungry she says. Mally gose wide eyed for a sec, girls i want you to go to you're rooms for a while. but what about Saris is cut off by her mother, NOW. pinkie. if you need to. you can feed off of my love. my love for you. every since you came here the girls have never been more happie. in a way you have even brought me closer to them then we were before. i owe you at least this much. Are you sure, Pinkie asks. Mally, yes its ok. Pinkie, ok.


a phew minutes later Mally gose to see the girls in their rooms and says that pinkie is going to be fine and she needs to go lay down for a while. Mally sleeps for a long time. she awakes the next day in the afternoon to find that pinkie had tryed to make a pie while she was asleep. what are you doing, Mally looks at pinkie. well you were asleep so i tryed to make a, what did you call it, Mally, a pie, yeah that a pie mmm, i love pies. pinkie there are other things to eat other then pies. yeah i know but i wanted to make one for you so you could have something sweet and tasty when you got up. hhh, here let me help you wit that. no this goes here. pinkie, and what about that, Mally, that goes there....


and thats how i came to live among the ponys of Phillydelphia. Mally tought me how to make all sorts of treats and goodies. soon though i had to leave Saris and the others had to go off to their new jobs all over aquestia. i learned how to feed off of multiple ponys at a time to lessen the effects on them. soon it was my turn to leave home. i got on the first wagon out of town and well here i am...

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