pinkie pie changeling adventures. draft 3 [WIP]

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It was a warm summer evening in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash was making her rounds across town. She was coming from Twist's house with a present for Pinkie Pie, a delightful cake with sprinkles of every color, as well as a cupcake for Gummy on the side. Pinkie Pie, a happy, cheerful and somewhat random pony who thrived from the laughter of others could always lift somepony's mood...this is her story.

--Secrets Revealed (Intro/Ch.1)

"Pinkie Pie, are you there?" called Rainbow Dash, entering Pinkie's house. As Dash rounded the corner she saw something out of the corner of her eye. In the corner of the room was a sleeping changeling curled into a ball. Dash cautiously approached the changeling, readying herself to jump on it. When it opened an eye it shouted "Rainbow! Wait!", The small changeling got to her feet and stared intently at Dash waiting for a response. "Pinkie?" whispered Rainbow, looking at the changeling which had just spoken with the familiar voice of her friend Pinkie Pie. Pinkie stood still looking at her feet for a while then look up and ask "So what's up Rainbow Dash?".

After steadying herself, Rainbow examined Pinkie Pie as she re-took her pony form. Rainbow Dash found her voice long enough to ask Pinkie about her background. Pinkie Pie explained that, contrary to what she had told her friends before, she had never really lived on a rock farm but rather was adopted by a family in Fillydelphia. Soon after she had been picked up off the streets by her new family, her new famaly found out that she was a changeling as well. She explained that since then, she had been living as a pony, bringing joy to those around her and feeding off of it. As she did so She had found a way for changelings to live in harmony with the races of ponies, pegasi, and unicorns alike.

Rainbow's head was spinning and she didn't know where to start. "What do you eat?" she asked warily. "I eat both food and love" replied Pinkie Pie while trotting over to open her door. "Why do you create happiness just to feed off it, and not just absorb it from others like all the other changelings do?" asked Dash as she took a step forward threateningly. "Because I am a good changeling, im not a follower of Chrysalis and her greedy ways", Pinkie quickly replied. Pinkie told Dash to get their friends and to meet back at her place in a few hours. After exchanging farewells and giving Pinkie her cake, Rainbow left to go find the rest of the ponies. If only they knew what they were about to learn...

After minutes of anticipation Pinkie entered the room sporting her normal Pinkie Pie smile. She sat down in the corner of the room in a dusty looking chair and looked over her awaiting friends eyes. In a brilliant flash of light Pinkie returned to her natural changeling form exposing her true self to the others. Everpony except Dash was so taken aback that they gasped at the look of their friend's appearance. Before them sat the true form of Pinkie Pie, an oddly colored changeling with a dark blue coat instead of the black ones they had seen before. "This is the true me," Pinkie shyly admitted. There was a long pause, broken by Twilight's curiosity. "How did you end up in Ponyville?", she inquired. "How rude of me", said Pinkie, "let me explain..."

--Background of a Changeling Rogue (Ch.2)

Pinkie had always been a bit of a reject when she was growing up. She was born in a harsh land ruled by the Changeling Queen Chrysalis, who of course tried taking over Equestria. however In the times before the failed invasion of Equestria, the changeling nation Dirivicus was at war with the surrounding nations. During the war Pinkie's parents were caught by a rival nation trying to lure in new ponies to feed off of, and were sentenced to life imprisionment for war crimes. After her parents capture, she took to the streets and was treated terribly because of who she was. Being a young changeling she could only hold a form for a few minutes as she wandered the winding roads trying to find a way to survive.

Many a day passed as she slowly found her way to the outskirts of Fillydelphia. She came upon a salesman shouting out the prices of the fruits and vegetables in his cart. As she approched the salesman she took the form of a filly without him notacing. She stumbled past him and collapsed from hunger with a distressed thud. she looked up to find the salesman looming over her asking if she was ok. She mustered her strength and nodded to the salesman. The salesman helped her to her feet and asked her if she was alright. Pinkie at this point still hasn't fully figured out how to imatate a ponies voice so In her best pony imitation, she replied "hungry, so very hungry". The salesman made his way to his cart and picked out his best looking apple and handed it to Pinkie. She looked up at him with a confused expression on her face, and again in her best pony voice, asked him to explain. The salesman now somewhat confused as well reached into his cart, pulled out an apple and took a bite out of it. Pinkie did the same and tasted the apple in her mouth. This was her first taste of food that wasn't emotion related, and strangely enough, she loved it.

The salesman asked her where her parents were, she stared sadly at the ground for a long while before the salesman understood. The salesman asked her to follow him into town in fear for her safety. As they began walking farther into town, Pinkie felt herself losing hold of her current form. Luckily, the salesman stopped abruptly at a small house, leaving his cart near on the walkway by the house he goes over and knocks at the door.  A unicorn with hot pink eyes and a coat the color of fresh blueberries with a slightly lighter mane opened the door, the salesman addressed her as Mally. Pinkie took note of Mally's eyes, a vibrant color that she adored (as there was not much diversity as far as changelings were concerned). As the two ponies chatted she made her way behind the cart and rested by letting herself change back into her changeling form.

As Pinkie heard the conversation coming to a close, she re-took her pony form. Mally turned to the salesman and addressed him as Albrine, which Pinkie thought was a good sounding name. She thanked him for bringing Pinkie to her, and expressed her disbelief that she had been left to roam the streets for so long. "Strong or stubborn" Mally exclaimed, "you must have some real greatness in you to have survived so on the streets". She led Pinkie into the house, and as she turned around, exposed her cutie mark (berries with beautiful leaves surrounding them).

Pinkie followed her inside, looking back at Albrine waving goodbye. The house was full of pots and pans scattered about and a bowl filled with some sort of blue mush inside it. Pinkie inhaled all the wondrous smells coming from the rooms. She followed Mally into a room near the back of the house. Mally pointed at a small bed next to the window and told Pinkie that she could rest in here and play with the few toys that were in the cupboard.

Mally stared intently at Pinkie and asked what her name was, but she still couldn't speak with the right voice. She saw no other way to communicate than to point at Mally, more specifically at her eyes. "So you're name is Eye?" Mally asked. Pinkie shook her head. She widened her own eyes and pointed to them to get the point across. "Oh, so your name is Pink!", Mally said while Pinkie nodded in agreement. "Hmm well thats an odd name, but at least I know what to call you now," she said giggling. "I'll call you Pinkie". Pinkie smiled in agreement. "Alright then Pinkie, I'll call you when I'm done", Mally said as she left the room.

--A Very Pinkie Past (Ch.3)

Pinkie looks around the room and sees a mirror over in the corner, she hasn't gotten a good look at herself and wants to remember the form she is in so she won't mess up in the future. She stares at herself, and looks at the door, no is there. Deciding it is safe she looks back at the mirror and changes her color to the same as Miss Mally's eyes. She is really happy with it, but sadly she knows she can't keep it permanently, and changes back to her original dark orange. She also wants to see what it would look like with a cutie mark, but she hasn't ever really tried to make a cutie mark before. She tries but it doesn't come out just right, so she changes it back to blank. Mally calls from the other room "Lunch time".

She comes out of the room to find that there are other little fillies waiting at the table already. She is a little shocked to see them there so she hides behind the counter. "Hello Pinkie, this is my family", says Mally inroducing her daughters Estrich, Marline and Saris. "Hi", "hay" and "hello", they each say as Pinkie comes out from behind the counter and goes to sit at the table with the others. "Ok, here you go", Mally puts a freshly baked and cooled blueberry pie on the table. She hands out a plate to each pony and puts a piece on them. Pinkie is a little weirded out by it, she has never seen a pie before. Its smell is so attracting though, so she leans forward to take a bite but is stopped by Mally and given a fork. She doesn't know what the fork is, so she just puts it down and takes a large bite from her piece of pie. She jumps into the air, she has never felt such pleasure before. Her smile grows so wide its hard to keep the food in her mouth before she swallows it. She hastily eats the entire peice in one big bite. "Well, looks like somepony really likes my blueberry pie" Mally says.

"Oh yes- yes- yes I love it" Pinkie says in a really high pitched voice, "I have never had anything like this before". "What is it called?", she asks. Mally and her daughters stare at her for a second, then start laughing and giggling. "Your voice", exclaims Saris while falling out of her chair in laughter. "What?" asks Pinkie squeaking again realizing her problem, and covering her mouth. "Don't be shy, it's a lovely voice" Mally says, "Is that why you wouldn't speak before? Were you afraid of what I would think of your voice?". Pinkie nods. "Oh Pinkie, I think your voice is perfect just the way it is", says Mally. "Really?" Pinkie says again with the slightly high-pitched voice. "Yeah, it's awesome", Saris says, still giggling as she gets up off the floor and back into her chair.

Pinkie smiles, as she has never been complimented before, or for that matter even spoken to really by anypony aside from her parents and Mr. Albrine. She looks at the rest of the pie on the table. "Would you like another piece, Pinkie?" asks Mally. "Oh yes, yes I would love another piece!" Pinkie says. Mally gives her another slice, and this time Pinkie eats it more slowly enjoying every bite. She looks over at the others, and thinks to herself, "they are a very loving family aren't they?". She wonders if it would be ok to feed off their love since they have been so nice to her.

She stops eating the pie on her plate and looks at Mally. "M-miss Mally, can I ask you something" Pinkie asks wearily. "Yes Pinkie, anything" Mally responds. "What would you say if I told you I'm not actually a pony..." asks Pinkie staring at the pie in front of her. Mally and the others stop eating and look at Pinkie. "Well thats an odd question" Estrich says, "what else could you be but a pony". Pinkie looks at them "Well what if I was something like a.." she pauses for a minute, "what if I was a changeling". Now she has everypony's full attention. Although Equestria is safe from the changelings, that does not mean that they haven't had their incidences. "W-well that would be um, well um..." Mally stutters over and over. "Well so long as you're not an evil um whatever that is, I'm ok with you being that" Marline says over her mothers stuttering. Everypony is quiet for the rest of their time spent at the table. Afterwards Mally sends her daughters out back to play.

Pinkie starts to follow but Mally tells her to stay. "Pinkie would you sit down for a second?" "Ok", she says sitting back down. Mally sits in the chair across from her. "Are you a changeling, Pinkie?" she asks with a serious look on her face. "Well, I kinda maybe sorta y-yes, I am", replies Pinkie. "B-but im not an evil one" she adds hastily. Mally stares at her for a long time. "C-can I see" she asks. Pinkie turns back into her original form, and Mally is quite shocked to see her change. "Pinkie, is that your real name?" asked Mally doubtfully. "Well no, I don't actually have a name" said Pinkie,"Changelings don't normally tend to name their offspring", "We normally just name ourselves". Mally goes quiet again for a long time. she seemed to be thinking deeply. "Well this is an interesting situation I'm in" said Mally, "If I let you stay how long could you go without feeding off of us?". "If I send you out, then there's no way you could take care of your self", she adds."Well we changelings don't only need to feed off of the emotions of ponies" said Pinkie, "We can eat other things too... well at least I think we can". "I ate the pie after all, and I do feel a little less hungry". "I'm also used to not getting much emotional energy" Pinkie said, "Back home they barely let me eat when ever the gatherers brought back ponies to, you know". "I see" Mally says with a slowly growing smile, "Well provided you do not feed off of me, or my daughters or any other pony in town I see no reason no to let you stay". Pinkie looks at her and smiles finally feeling truly accepted...

Several weeks later:

Pinkie is outside playing with Saris. They have become very close friends since she had first arrived. While playing on the swing-set Pinkie starts feeling a little ill so they go inside. Pinkie soon becomes weaker to the point she can no longer hold her form and changes to her true form in front of the girls, who up until now had been left out of her little secret. The girls are a little shocked by her change but arent scared. They know Pinkie and even as a small blue changeling, they help her up and to her room then run to get their mother. "Whats wrong?" Mally asks Pinkie. "I don't know" she says, "I just feel soo hungry". Mally's eyes grow wide "Girls, I want you to go to your rooms for a while". "But what about-" Saris is cut off by her mother. "NOW!" She exclaims. Mally waits for the others to leave and then says "Pinkie, if you really need to, you can feed off of my love, my love for you". "Ever since you came here the girls have never been happier, and in a way you have even brought me closer to them then we were before" she says looking into Pinkie's eyes, "I owe you at least this much". "Are you sure?" Pinkie asks. "Yes it's ok Pinkie, it's fine" Mally says.

Pinkie slowly regains her energy, after a few minutes Mally goes to see the girls in their rooms and tells them that Pinkie is going to be fine and  that she needs to go lay down for a while. Mally sleeps for a long time. Mally awakes the next day in the afternoon, she goes to the kitchen to find that Pinkie had tried to make a pie while she was asleep. "what are you doing" Mally says smiling looking at Pinkie. "Well you were asleep so I tryed to make a, what did you call it. "a pie" says Mally. "yeah that a pie" Pinkie says smiling. "Pinkie, there are other things to eat other then pies". "Yeah I know but I wanted to make one for you so you could have something sweet and tasty when you got up" said Pinkie happily. "Ahhh, here let me help you with that" says Mally boosting Pinkie up to the counter. "What about that?" Pinkie asks Mally. "That goes there" she says as they start making their first pie together, the first of many...

--Back to the Here and Now (Ch.4)

"And that's how I came to live among the ponies of Fillydelphia", Pinkie Pie says to Dash and the others. "Mally taught me how to make all sorts of treats and goodies, although soon I had to leave, Saris and the others had to go off to their new jobs all over Equestria" said Pinkie, "I learned how to feed off of multiple ponies during the time i spent with them to lessen the effects, soon it was my turn to leave home". "I told Mally goodbye, thanked her for all years of kindness she had given me, i got on the first wagon out of town, and well here I am..."



"Wow, um, that's really kind of sweet" Twilight says. "Sweet, are you kidding me, that was one of the most heart felt tales I've ever heard" Applejack says in reply to Twilight's comment. "I never knew that changelings could feed off of multiple ponies before, I thought they fed off of us with their teeth, like some sort of vamperical creature" Fluttershy says as she makes her way over to inspect Pinkie's teeth. "Well no we use magic to drain the emotional energy's from ponies". Pinkie says while opening her mouth showing her teeth to Fluttershy.

The others all gather around on the other side of the room to discuss what they have just learned, also to discuss whether or not they feel that they can still trust pinkie. "Well girls, what do you think, do think she's telling the truth?". Twilight says quietly to the others. "I'v known pinkie for a long time and i couldn't see her lying to anypony" says Applejack. "Well i think she's lying" Rarity says with a nervous look on her face, "Yeah, i'v known pinkie for while and even I'm having trouble believing her" Rainbow Dash says in agreement with Rarity. "I't would explain quit a phew things though now wouldn't it." Applejack says in reply to Rainbow Dash and Rarity's comments. "Like how she is able to run as fast as Rainbow is able to fly and how she can do just as much or even more work then Applejack is even able to". Fluttershy adds while joining the group. "Well there's only one way to prove any of what she is saying". Twilight says. "and that is". The others say all at once including Pinkie Pie popping up between Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. "We are just going to have to go see this Mally for ourselves". Twilight says with enthusiasm.

ok test paragraph in idea form.

Pinkie pies Changelings 101


1. Did you know that even though Changelings have fangs, we do not use them to feed of of ponies and instead we use our magic to drain their emotional energy's

2. We are mostly consisting of only black or super dark gray in color, however there are other types. I mean just look at me, I'm dark blue.

3. Did you know that Changelings are able to fly and stand on clouds like pegasie without changing into one.

4. Did you know that Changelings have almost all the magical powers that unicorns are able to use and are able to mimic their powers as well

5. We do not have the natural ability to feed off of multiple ponies. I had to learn over years of practice.

6. Did you know Changelings do not have full control over their powers at a young age.


ok, idea time... grr i wish this blog had spell checker.

so the others have just finished talking and have come the conclusion that the only real way to see if she is telling the truth is to go meet with Mally.

so they have another conversation before they leave to go pack for the trip to Fillydelphia. maybe could go something like this..

"Ok girls i want you all to go home and pack, its a long way to Fillydelphia and the trains will only go so far." Twilight says. "Wait, if the trains don't go there then how are we going to get there?" Rarity asks. "well isn't it obvious, we will have take the trails off road." Apllejack says to Rarity. "Off road. but what about carriages. surely there must be some other way than trotting about out in the mud". Rarity says while looking at her freshly pedicured hoofs. "Well yeah there are carriages, but they aren't much cleaner then the dirt roads, trust me you would rather take the roads." Pinkie says in reply to Rarity's comment.

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