Watchdogs. are they real?

Posted by lordkalem on June 11, 2012 at 9:30 PM

WatchDogs script:



Hello. my name is kalem also known as lordkalem, Thatweirdnerdyguy and recently kalem DJ of Discord.

I am here today to talk about one of the upcoming games called Watchdogs, Featured at this years E3 convention.

The game is bassed around a loan hacker who has become obsessed with monatering his famalys lives after having a rather violent passed. unfortunatly he starts to get even more obsessed to the point he starts to take it upon himself to monitor and keep the whole city safe . i am sorry but that is all i can gather from the E3 trailer and the interview done by Angry joe.

after watching the trailer and angry joes interview with a member of the watchdogs team, i started to wonder if such people really did exist or if they were nothing more then loan hackers cooped up at home.

much to my surprize after doing jsut a little digging i found that the watchdogs are in fact real and even government funded. now im not saying that the government has spys all over watching every little thing you do, even though that is already a well known fact.

there are thousands of hackers and programmars all over the world that our governments pay to watch and maintain the internet. but how many of these people are actually mobile. is it even possable for one person to moniter all the people serounding him with nothing more then a hand help device no larger then a cell phone. the answer may not shock or surprize you to know that yes it is in fact more then possible for what is portraid in the watchdogs video game to be happaning now in real life.

i think of it like this. Mathamatically it is 100% thesable that these people exsist and are walking amungst us. and with nothing more then a little simple math can you determan just how many there are.

now please keep in mind that this is nothing more then educated guesses and that i have no actual proof.


ok so think of it like this. there are about 7,046,000,000 people in the world right now. at least that is what most sites tell me when i went looking for the number. now if you were rule out how many people out of the people in the world that actually have internet and or even if they have acces how many do not have the knowlage required. you would end up with about less then 47% of the worlds total population having computer skills and accces. now if you were to do the simple math of deviding this 47% from the worlds total population you would get at least 149.914.893 people that have full acces.

now if you were to subtract again the number of these people with the age and knowlage alone of how to work code you would winde up with about either 30-50% of that total number. a wide rang i know but again i do not have full acces to historicle and user accounts all over the world to go by so i have to only make educated guesses.

ok so lets just say for the sake of argueing that there are 35% of the total internet accesable population has coding skills. if we were to devide the remaining 149.914.893 people or so by that amount we would get about 4.283.282 people who have full understanding of code or at least to a degree where they are of any use to the government. now if even just halve of these people worked for the government that would mean there at least 2.141.000 people in the world who are monatering you me and every one in america canada and the rest of the world.

now again all this is purly guesses and i do have actual confermation that there are in fact a larger number of people who watch and maintain the internet and mass media.

Now after all this math it can easly be deduced that if at least halve of the remaining 2.141.000 people in the world are mobile that would be more then enough to cover the entire of america north america and certane parts of the east.

so really is it paranoid to think the person next to you on their cell is spying on you. the short answer is no it is not it is actually perfectly logical.

another thing you should also be wondering about is, how do you get you're internet acces while in the city while on the go. now i know you would be thinking, oh i get my signal from a satalite. well thats actually not possable.

while in the city there are thousands of signals and even more walls of steal concrete and metales that will block you. the truth is that the only way for you to actually get a signal is for it to bounce from some one else to you. but here is where that starts to get fishy.

if my signal bounces off some one else then there is next to no way for their cell to not record and be able to fully tap into what i am saying doing and to intercept all infermation i send and receave.

now this would not be open to the public because it would be easy as pie for any second rate hacker to tap into this subnet. so the only logical and rashinal thought is that somewhere very near to you there is a watchdog who is monitering you're section of the city.

and is distrabuting the infermation to its intended tartget if needed. Now again i know what are saying. but kalem we do bounce the signal off our cell to other people,

well in that case you are just ferther prooving my theory that any hacker can do what is done in the watchdogs usnivers. because the subnet is not actually protected in anyway other then it being disconected by a wire or 2 in you're cell phone that you can easly connect to.

well i think i should end my train of thought here since im sure you all have angry insulting comments to leave and hate mail to send.


Again i have to make this clear that i am not an expert. i do not have very much infermation to go by and i can only make educated guesses as to the numbers.

thank you for you're time and i hope i have opened you're eyes at least a little to the world around you and just how not private talking on you're cell phone and using city hot spots to acces the internet on you're laptop actually is.

till next time this is lordkalem signing out.

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