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watch the most recently posted video on this site and trust me this is not a joke, it is not hate mail for minecraft. i found a glitch that can lock you out of your minecraft user or game account so you cant login to play any more, now i wouldnt have to go this far but i was banned from the forums just for posting this video and messaging about it  there and the posts were removed. and i reposted using a other account and that account was banned till the july 4th and the post was removed again. this glitch has to be made public to people if for any reason other then to at least let people know how its done so that they can avoid making this mistake as well.

im not joking i was banned for telling people about this glitch i dont know why but i was. notch i really hope you get this message because i really want to keep playing this game and if i had any money i would buy a new code but i dont and probably never will have any money online. please make a fix that auto logs you off after a amount of time has passed so it can log me off and i can continue playing this awesome game

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