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HELLO EVERY ONE IN MINECRAFT. or at least the people who find this post


I am trying to start a minecraft "show". the premis is that i am just sitting doing my reviewing thing reviewing minecraft, and then while walking along in a newly generated world with a world seed i got from an anonumus player i find a portal with a butten on it, i go through but nothing happens so i hit the butten. Whoosh, a portal open rite next to me and it pulls me in. and omg im in the game literally. and over time i find others that have been pulled into the game to this world. and well thats as far as i got rite there so far.

well ya thats the idea if you would like to be apart of it like being a character or offering your edditing skills or video recorder i would very much like to heir from you. if the show starts and kicks off fast enough it might get donations meening you could get payed for your work but only iff. im flat broke lol.

Aplication info:

Your name, IGN name:

Email/Gmail or other place i can contact you:

Your skills: or see below for player roles

What part you think you would be best suited for: see below

Girly girl/guy: Normal girl/guy: Buch girl/Guy: Hard core gamer girl/guy: Sciance girl/guy: Crazzy girl/guy:

Old timer: First traped person in the world or the oldest one still alive so far: normal player outside in the real world: and thats all that i can think of for the parts needed if you belaive i missed a stario type needed then just say so.

contact info for me,



[email protected]


thatweirdnerdyguy facebook


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